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The diagnosis and treatment of hormonal conditions is multifaceted and complex. Advances in integrative and personalized approaches for hormone restoration therapy (HRT) have created great demand for continuing education and support in this area of practice. The IHH Educational Program™ – An Integrative Approach Toward Hormonal Health is an online eLearning series that addresses foundational knowledge and integrative concepts in hormonal health, which allow you to effectively identify, diagnose, and treat hormonal conditions. Through interactive video tutorials that test your knowledge at each step, the IHH Educational Program™ provides a convenient learning experience that can be taken on the go or from the comfort of your home or office. This 16 module series (over 12 hours of online education) is ideal for the healthcare provider looking to supplement and complement their HRT training.

Module 1: Introduction to Hormonal Health
Module 2: Overview of Hormonal Health
Module 3: Cortisol Dysregulation
Module 4: Thyroid Dysfunction
Module 5: Sex Hormone Imbalances
Module 6: The Gut-Brain Connection and its Role in Hormone Balancing
Module 7: Candida Overgrowth and Heavy Metal Toxicity – The Hormone Connection
Module 8: Interpretation of Diagnostic Investigations
Module 9: Treatment Approach to Hormonal Health
Module 10: Scientific Appraisal of Conventional and Bioidentical HRT
Module 11: How to Prescribe BHRT
Module 12: Case Study 1
Module 13: Case Study 2
Module 14: Case Study 3
Module 15: Case Study 4
Module 16: Final Exam
Completion of the IHH Educational Program™ leads to eligibility for the IHH Certified Practitioner™ initiative, which provides practitioners with a secure online network where they may access tools, resources, and support for their hormonal health practice.

Naturopathic Doctors
Nurse Practitioners

  1. Review the intricate, interconnected, and multifaceted nature of hormonal systems.
  2. Examine the central role cortisol plays within the hormonal network and its significant impact on other biological systems.
  3. Discuss functional causes of thyroid dysfunctions with emphasis on how to recognize and treat subclinical and functional hypothyroidism.
  4. Review sex hormone imbalances and deficiencies; symptomatology, testing, diagnosis, and treatment approaches ranging from dietary/lifestyle modifications and herbal remedies to conventional and personalized hormone replacement therapy (HRT).
  5. Evaluate the importance of gastrointestinal (GI) health, causes of GI tract dysfunction, symptomatology, functional testing, and the 4R-treatment approach (Remove, Replace, Repopulate, and Repair).
  6. Assess the negative influence of candida and heavy metals on hormonal health; risk, symtomatology, diagnosis, and treatment.
  7. Examine and interpret various hormone diagnostic testing; the advantages and disadvantages; special considerations; and complementary testing, including but not limited to, amino acid profiling, stool cultures, antioxidant status, heavy metal testing, among others.
  8. Evaluate different treatment approaches to hormone imbalances by examining an innovative and strategic step-wise pyramid approach that minimizes interventions and effectively targets the route cause.
  9. Appraise scientific evidence and investigations on the risks and benefits associated with HRT and BHRT.
  10. Review recommendations and special considerations for prescribing and dosing bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT).
  11. Through interactive case studies, interpret patient profiles, recommend testing, interpret comprehensive test results, and develop personalized and functional treatment regimens tailored to the patient’s unique profile.
The eLearning modules are best viewed on a computer or a tablet* in landscape mode.
*Note: If you are using a touchscreen tablet, we recommend using a mouse (touchscreen compatibility varies by model).
High-speed internet connectivity and an updated internet browser are required to take the eLearning module. The broadband recommended is 1 Mbps or better. The minimum browser requirements to take the module are:

Google Chrome v39 or later
Mozilla Firefox v34 or later
Internet Explorer v8 or later
Microsoft Edge
Apple Safari v6 or later

The eLearning Modules are copyright ©2019 Institute for Hormonal Health Professional Development Division Inc.



IHH Educational Program - An Integrative Approach to Hormonal Health

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