Photobiomodulation Therapy – vSculpt Pro®

Photobiomodulation, also known as low-level light therapy (LLLT), is a noninvasive, painless treatment utilizing LEDs to stimulate cellular function. vSculpt Pro®’s red light and near-infrared lights are optimized for cellular healing, increased circulation, and reduced inflammation and pain within the vaginal mucosa.

vSculpt Pro® LEDs encourage muscle, nerve, and connective tissue cells to enhance their functions. This up-regulation of cellular function can in turn help with vaginal lubrication, collagen and elastin production, nerve healing, and increased voluntary muscle control. This results in reduced bladder incontinence, increased vaginal lubrication and sensation, and overall toning and tightening of the pelvic floor muscles.

vSculpt Pro® is an affordable approach and its therapy can be completed in the privacy of a woman’s home. At IHH, we offer vSculpt Pro® both as a complement to CO2 ffractional laser therapy and as a stand-alone treatment option.

How does vSculpt Pro® therapy help with lubrication? With menopause, declining estrogen levels produce changes in a woman’s body that lead to less blood flow and thinning of the vaginal mucosal tissue. This condition, called vaginal atrophy, affects both the vagina and the external female genitalia (vulva). Dry, fragile vaginal tissues are susceptible to injury, tearing, and bleeding. As a result, many postmenopausal women suffer from dryness, irritation, and pain during intercourse. For some women, it can develop into vaginismus, with pain so severe they avoid sex altogether. Vaginal atrophy may be associated with a shorter and narrower vagina, which can result in pain when a woman does have sex, even with the use of a lubricant.

Vaginal lubrication originates from the lamina propria, which contains elastic fibers, blood vessels, lymphatic, and nerves, as well as glands that secrete mucus and serous fluids. Menopause, childbirth, and even certain medications can interrupt the functioning of the lamina propria.

How does vSculpt Pro® utilize LEDs in its therapy?
vSculpt Pro® utilizes therapeutic LEDs, in addition to gentle heat, and sonic vibration—an innovative combination of technologies—to restore post-pregnancy or menopausal tissue and muscle back to optimal condition.

vSculpt Pro® utilizes light in the 662nm (red) and 855nm (infrared) spectrums, two parts of the normal broad spectrum light profile. These particular wavelengths increase cellular activity and energy levels to encourage the cells of muscles, nerves, and connective tissues to up-regulate their normal functions. This up-regulation of cellular function, in turn, helps with lubrication, collagen and elastin production, nerve healing, and increased voluntary muscle control.

Research has shown that the prime receivers of light energy are mitochondria, the control centers of cellular activity. When Low-level light therapy (LLLT) stimulates the mitochondrial factory, increased oxygen and other nutrients are made available to it, allowing for muscle repair and strengthening. Voluntary muscle control is exercised by nerve function. vSculpt Pro® enhances the feedback loop in the nerves for maintaining involuntary (baseline) tone to the pelvic floor muscles and provides users better voluntary control over those muscles. The voluntary pelvic floor muscles are a figure eight that surrounds the vaginal, anal, and urethral openings. By strengthening the muscles of the pelvic floor, vSculpt Pro® can have a positive impact on bladder control.

Heat increases blood flow, which increases oxygen at the tissue and cellular levels. It also increases nutrients to the muscles and promotes the formation of new blood vessels. Additional blood vessels, oxygen, and nutrients provide the muscles more fuel. Ultimately this results in enhanced performance of the muscles. Heat, specific to vSculpt Pro®, increases the performance and strength of the pelvic floor muscles.

Has this technology been clinically tested? Yes. The results of our 2016 study of vSculpt Pro® were published in the peer-reviewed journal, The International Urogynecology Journal. Forty-eight female participants used vSculpt Pro® every other day for 50 days. Highlights of our study’s extraordinary results include:
  • 90% of participants saw a reduction in bladder leakage
  • 82% improved their pelvic floor muscle strength
  • 81% saw an improvement in sexual function
In a second study, Joylux, Inc., owner of vSculpt Pro®, engaged The Benchmarking Company to enlist 24 women to test vSculpt Pro® over the course of 60 days. At select intervals throughout the study timeframe, women answered questions regarding instances of urinary incontinence, their state of sexual function, and other differences or improvements. Questions were also asked of participants’ husbands/partners, i.e. whether they noticed changes in the degree of vaginal toning during intercourse.

Female participants who used vSculpt Pro® reported the following results, among others:
  • 90% had less urinary incontinence
  • 95% felt improved vaginal tightness
  • 91% no longer experienced uncomfortable vaginal dryness with sex