Why refer your patient to the Institute for Hormonal Health?


IHH is founded by Dr. Kristy Prouse, MD, FRCSC, an accomplished surgeon and leading OB/GYN with degrees in Psychology, Genetics and Cell Biology, and trained in Functional Medicine. She is a thought leader on hormonal health treatment in Canada and has assembled a powerhouse team of practitioners to lead the field in integrative medicine.

State-of-the-art technology

IHH continually invests in the most advanced technology available for the safe and effective treatment of the conditions addressed by its programs and suffered by its patients.

Comprehensive treatment

The approach at IHH is to look at the whole patient to assess and treat the root causes of symptoms. Patients benefit from the skill-set of a medical doctor specializing in obstetrics and gynecology, a sexuality psychotherapist, a pelvic health physiotherapist, a naturopathic doctor, a bio-energetic medicine specialist, a registered nurse, a registered dietician, and a holistic nutritionist.


Click, call or fax – we offer several ways to refer patients, all streamlined to save time. Our Program Specialist is available to review your patients' treatment options or to answer any questions.

Download a Referral Form

Please fax referral to 905-844-2009 or email to info@hormonalhealth.ca